Taijiwuxigong is a simple yet profound exercise system for self-healing. Simple in it's application but profound in it's depth of knowledge and it's ability to access our body/mind/emotion at a deep level and create fundamental positive change.


Dr Shen Hongxun developed this system to help improve the functioning of the main areas of the body, e.g. head/neck, shoulders, torso, hips/lower back and the legs. Along with working directly with joint flexibility and muscular relaxation in these areas there is also an over all focus on improving the health of the spine and developing greater range of movement. 


By practicing Taijiwuxigong you can improve your physical health, alleviating physical pain and discomfort, increasing joint flexibility, correcting structural alignment, developing spinal stength and muscular relaxation, you can even improve the functioning of your internal organs. Taijiwuxigong also works on your mental and emotional health, helping to remove the by products of negative emotions, helping you to acheive a more balanced emotional state and helping your mind become clearer. 


The 8 Stages of Taijiwuxigong


There are eight main stages in Taijiwuxigong, they correlate to the activation and development of the bodies energy centres and the large channels that connect them, in this way a more active energy system can have a profound effect on the bodies natural self healing functions. 


Stage 1 is activating the Dantian; once the Dantian is active then the other stages can develop, but it is very important to understand, intellectually and experiencially, how the dantian is activated as this will become the foundation of your further practice. 


Stages 2-5 are focused on the opening and cleaning of the large channels (Mei) in the body with the energy force generated by the newly activated Dantian. Stage 2 relates to clearing the blockages in the central channel (Zhong Mei), specifically between the Lower Dantian and the Heart Dantian. Stage 3 relates to fully opening the central channel which runs from the perineum to the fontanel at the top of the head. Stage 4 is related to the activation of the small circulation (microcosmic orbit) in the front (Ren Mei) and back (Du Mei) channels. Then stage 5 is the activation of the left and right channels (these have lots of different names in different systems but are generally not reckognised/named in TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine).


Stage 6 correlates to the Dantian developing to rotation, and Stage 7 is an advanced stage when the Dantian rotation can start to influence the large circulation (macrocosmic orbit).


Then lastly Stage 8 relates to the activation of higher mental faculties and spiritual development. 


Disclaimer: It is not advised that the information written on this website is practised without the assitance of a qualified Taijiwuxigong teacher, it is not mean't as a guide but rather as an introduction. Please contact me if you would like more information about classes or treatment. 

The goal of Taijiwuxigong is self-healing​ and automatic regulation of body/mind using three types of exercises:

Spontaneous movement​

Spontaneous movement is a completely natural function of the body, we exercise it when sneezing, yawning, stretching, coughing, blinking, breathing, etc. When our body is allowed to follow it natural rhythm again it can start to feel more unified and help us quickly get in touch with and resolve areas where we are holding discomfort. 


It can be induced in the student with help from the teacher and by using a specific body posture that allows the practitioner to access the vibrational force of the earth. This force is used to activate the energy centre (Dantian) in the lower abdomen. 


Spontaneous movement is used as an exercise in and of itself in the Wushi stance, but we also often use it as part of the practise of the daoyin exercises so that you can have a good balance between structured exercises designed to help with specific areas of the body and the freedom to develop the bodies inherent self healing intellect. 



​Wuxi Daoyin

Daoyin are simple exercises which guide the pathogenic factors out of specific parts of the body to improve their natural function. Work with fundamental principles like stretch and relax and accessing the vibrational force from the earth to help open the body and facilitate bringing it back to it's natural state of health. There are also occasions when static positions are practiced to help develop our vibration force.


The different exercises that comprise the Wuxi Daoyin:

The Begining Daoyin,

Five Main Wuxi Daoyin,

Heaven & Earth Daoyin,

Animal Daoyin,

Dragon Daoyin,

Sound Daoyin,

Lying Down Daoyin,

12 Emei Daoyin,

and the Finishing Daoyin.

​Wuxi Meditation

The Taijiwuxigong system has different meditation exercises which are designed to help to release mental tension and bring the mind back to a state of quietness.


Learn to quieten the mind, which is extremely benefitial in the modern world given how many things we think about on any single day.
Learn to work with your emotions from a more centered place, moving towards more naturally positive emotions as the practise progresses.
Use the different techniques to help facilitate deep healing and change within the body.