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Tunstall Studios
34-44 Tunstall Road

​Sunday 4th December: Taijiwuxigong

Weekly classes TBC

Please let me know if you would like to attend for the first time.


Joe Webster




I have been practising Taijiwuxigong for over 15 years. I studied extensively with the founder of this system Dr Shen Hongxun and also regularly with his daugher Shen Jin who is head of Taijiwuxigong. I have also studied on a weekly basis since 2000 with Andy Henry, who is a senior student of Dr Shen, he is also the main Taijiwuxigong teacher in the UK and has been practising for over 25 years. 


Over the years I studied many of the different techniques for exercise including all the Taijiwuxigong Daoyin systems (Dragon, sound, animal, lying down), the YiJinJing and the 12 standing exercises of the emei mountain (ermei shi er zhaung). During this time I have attended numerous meditation retreats and developed a good understanding of how to help people mentally and emotionally with meditation. I have also completed the proffesional Buqi Healing course (3 year training) more than twice and have been treating people professionally since. 


Through continued practise I have developed access to the bodies internal energy system. This has not only greatly improved my own health but it has also given me the ability to utilise these internal energies for treament and information transmission. As I continue to develop I hope to be able to share some of this knowledge with others and facilitate bringing about a greater understanding of health. 





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