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A contemporary Qi Gong exercise system founded by Taiji Grand Master and clincally trained Western & Eastern Medical Doctor Shen Hongxun


The Taijiwuxigong exercise system is based on ancient Chinese principles that teach how to access the bodies internal energy system and utilise it to improve health.


This combined with Dr Shen Hongxun's modern, scientific approach to understanding all the factors that negatively and positively affect our health has created a unique system that is ideally suited to helping us maintain health within our stressful, busy, modern way of life.


A practioner can very quickly start to understand how to apply some of the principles of Taijiwuxigong.


Once a greater understanding of existing structural habits has been acquired the practitioner can begin to learn new ways to improve the physical condition, regaining flexibility in the spine and the joints.


Then with regular practise the practitioner can develop structural stability/reliability which allows the body to deeply relax, releasing held muscular tension and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (which controls rest and healthy digestion).  


There is also potential for developing more mental clarity and greater emotional maturity as the practise develops.

Five practical benifits of Activating your Dantian with Taijiwuxigong:

Better flexibility and ease of physical movement, allowing you to be more active and have more fun!


Greater relaxtion in your belly, which can help regulate your breathing and digestive function. Helping deal with difficult conditions like asthma, constipation or irritated bowels.


Correct postural alignement and spinal health which can facilitate a more functional central nervous system. Supporting better flow of information in your body allowing it to be better at listening to itself.


Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system which helps the body rest properly, helping clear tiredness, relieve stress or resolve sleeping problems.


A greater degree of freedom from pain and internal blockages (energtic and body fluid), meaning that health issues are less likely to develop. This can not only increase your peace of mind but also help you enjoy a long and healthy life.


The Buqi Healing system is an energy based healing method that has been developed using the theory of the double viscous circle of negative emotion and habitually incorrect posture.


Buqi treatment utilises this theory to understand various health conditions, and then applys specific techniques, syncronising eastern and western medical knowledge to help make space in the patients existing patterns, physical or emotional, in order to restore normal health. 


Treatments consist of different (non-invasive) hand techniques that help remove physical or energetic blockages from the body. As well as a focus on balancing the mental/emotional state and helping the patient reckognise thier own existing unhelpful habits.


Finally the patient is then given some practical physical exercises so that they can assist thier own recovery.


04/12/16 Taijiwuxigong class at BASS


Weekly classes being discussed to start at BASS. Email me if you would like to attend. 


Treatment spaces available at BASS, I also provide home visits if necessary.