Uncle Se who adores Dragons

This is the story of Uncle Se, a popular man who spend much of his life in reverence to the idea of dragons. He wore elegant dragon clothes, drank delicious dragon tea, painted magnificient dragon pictures and talked about dragons to anyone that would listen.


Soon word spread of Uncle Se's love of dragons and people would come and visit his house to marvel at the paintings and ornate dragon objects. Eventually word spread to the kingdom of heaven and the King of Dragons heard about Uncle Se! 


Impressed by Uncle Se's devotion to dragons the King of Dragons decided to fly down from his celestial palace to pay his respects to this man on earth who loved dragons the most. 


He flew down through the local village where everyone stopped in wonder to see such a sight. Finally coming to rest in Uncle Se's garden, making sure his huge tail didn't damage any of the beautiful statues. 


Uncle Se hearing the commotion outside came rushing from the house to see what was going on. He was astounded to see the King of Dragons sitting in his back garden and then he became very afraid. He panicked and ran inside the house and hid under a table! (the table cloth was also decorated with dragons)


The King of Dragons looked on in bemusement then he slowely started to understand, Uncle Se only liked the idea of Dragons, he wasn't so keen on the real ones.