Expelling Binqi 

The removal of Binqi is a natural phenomenon. The body has self regulating mechanisms to expel Binqi and makes use of mental force, body movement and breathing. Also the earth force supports this process. Therefore, anyone who is physically and emotionally in good shape will expel Binqi in a natural way.

We can state that Binqi can be removed from the body through the Mai and Jin (these are the energy channels and meridians), the exits of which are located in the hands and feet. These Mai and Jin function as a network to transport the nutritional substances from the blood to the organs and body tissue, while they move waste products from the organs and tissues to the hands and feet.

As body fluids contain energy substances as well as Binqi, we believe that the movement of body fluids and Binqi are connected with each other. If body fluids can move freely to the hands and feet, gas Binqi (wind Binqi, or emotional Binqi) can leave the body through the skin of the hands and feet.

The non-gas Binqi (cold Binqi, damp Binqi and fire Binqi) can be absorbed in the blood by the capillary system of the hands and feet after which is it broken down by the liver. The waste products are expelled in the urine. Only if this free flow and exits are blocked, Binqi will accumulate in the body.